Our Services

The Cornhill Companions offer a range of services including : -

- visiting clients in their own home for a chat

- accompanying clients on shopping trips or visits to a local café.

- telephoning  clients on a regular basis for a chat. 

- offering practical help like housework, gardening, paperwork

- practical help in the home for clients who are recovering from an operation.

The service provided by the Cornhill Companions is flexible and can accommodate evenings and weekends. There is a small charge for the visits.

Each volunteer is carefully matched with a client in need of support. Both parties will receive ongoing support from the coordinator.

Client Stories

Josephine Lincoln's Story


I visit Brenda about once a fortnight. Sometimes her husband stays and chats with us for a bit, at other times he makes use of my visit to run errands in town or do a bit of gardening. Brenda and I do jigsaw puzzles, play Dominos, chat and look at her photograph albums. Sometimes we go out for tea and cake. Her husband tells me it’s lovely to see Brenda brighten up and engage in conversation and it makes me happy to see her laugh. 

Josephine’s visits are like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day”, from Brenda and her husband